1. GMP
  2. CGMP
  3. HACCP

HACCP is systematic rules to supply clean and safe products to customers
by blocking conditions for occurrence of hazards and analyzing conditions
for occurrence of in the process of making food.

HA is to analyze biological, chemical and physical hazards such as
pathogenic microorganisms occurring in raw materials and processes

CCP is to control process and step so as to prevent, reduce and
eliminate hazards at an acceptable level.

The working areas are well-drained and not to
accumulate sediment in drains

Doorways of working areas are equipped with washing,
drying and disinfection facilities at depending on the
nature of working areas.

Working areas are equipped with ventilation systems having
sufficient capacity in expelling odor, harmful gas, smoke and steam.

Heat treatment in the process (Cutting, Blending and so on)

Filling and Packaging after cooling
(Filling, Bottling and primary Packaging after blending)