We offer the best quality and services at the best cost as well as technical support your company
wants, based on a wealth of experience in the design of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, and
machinery factories.

  • Site Selection & Concept Design


    Schematic Design


    Basic Design

    (Design Develoment)

    Working Design

    (Construction Documentation)

    Construction and Completion

    (Construction & Completion)

  • Creating design work to indicate basic information for regulations
    review, feasibility study and design based on the data of site
    surroundings and conditions

    - Suggestion of optimal site
    - Site survey and investigation
    - Regulations review / Case study
    - Planning drawings

    After setting the size and relationship of general conditions
    , concept design and components of the project, client’s require
    ments and essential factors will be applied in schematic design

    - Survey of the current production plant (production, logistics support equipment, etc.)
       and investigation of manufacturing process
    - Establishment of an optimized layout plan conforms to CGMP Guidelines
    - Optimal design proposals and providing basic data for projects costs
    - Perspective / 3D modeling

    As the process of developing and deepening schematic design, basic design
    of architecture, structure, machinery, electric, telecommunication,
    firefighting, civil works and landscape is progressing, the position and
    dimensions of the structural members are accurately determined and represented

    - Basic Designs required for licensing
    - Determining major finishing materials
    - Consultation with each filed subcontractor
    - The agency business of general survey

    Detail Design, which can reduce the initial investment and operating
    costs through deriving effective ways based on Basic Designs, is made.
    Working drawings are also made for construction execution

    - Suitable materials and specifications appropriate to CGMP standards
    - Architectural detail design (bird’s eye view, interior perspective drawing
    room, interior drawings) conforms to CGMP Guidelines
    - Detail Design of construction, equipment, electric and telecommunication

    Supplying additional drawings for construction; rapid response
    to prevent construction delays due to changes; supporting
    documents required for Completion; providing services
    and technical supports needed for CGMP certification

    - Supplying additional drawings about design changes & licensing support
    - Supplying as-built drawings & documents
    - Rapid administrative processing such as Completion and Registration
    through working closely with administrative agencies.